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1 Gig equals 1 Tree

Nowadays, there is literally NOTHING we can do without taking the climate into account. I am not being cynical, I actually really believe that we have to be careful not to ruin the very base of everything our very lives depend on - we'd be like a stupid animal in the zoo wrecking the very cage it is living in. And that animal is most likely only rebelling against being in captivity, whereas we are not rebelling, and our "cage" is really the only inhabitable environment we have so far found in the universe. We are just careless. And we like to build ships and win wars, in ancient time, which helped deforestation since the Romans. Nowadays, we like to build houses and parking lots, and rubbish dumps to put the things we have produced and don't need in. Nevertheless, we like to think of ourselves not as the biggest polluter and waster that ever lived, but as neat and tidy. We perceive our lives as neat, and we want to have it easy, and trees produce rubbish and work, like leaves that you have to rake in autumn, and they shelter yucky insects. Truth is, we need as many trees as we can have (and insects!). There is this simple thing that can actually stop climate change - and that's if we all started planting trees everywhere. So we, as a band, decided to do just that! We dedicate 1 song per concert to this cause and buy and plant one tree after every gig. If you want to support me, that's easy to do: Go plant a tree. Or book me, and I'll do it for you.

So far, I have planted, as "gig trees":

- a fig tree (could not resist the rhyme) - a chestnut tree (edible fruit is an added benefit) - a moutain ash tree (give the birds something to eat!)

No, they are not as big as this one yet. But they will be, eventually.

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