about Galvin's Garden

Elke Galvin


I write songs and have always done so. I've been in bands, on piano, guitar, bass and, of course, always vocals. I've recorded solo stuff. But the real joy in music is that it is a social thing. Co-musicians are as important to the development of a piece of music as are people willing to listen to, appreciate (and buy) music. No single note can ever give you melody or rhythm. 

If I don't perform, write or record music, chances are, I work in my garden. It requires careful curating what may grow and blossom and what not, like in a song.

A symphony of flowers sings as beautifully as one of notes.


the musicians I work with

I am so grateful that galvin's garden is a team project with quite a few wonderful musicians joining me. Music is highly participatory (like gardening), and it is amazing how my songs come alive when we perform. I am so happy that you are around!


David Hippel


I have been following David's journey as a musician (and friend) for a decade. After meeting in a bluesrock band (me on bass), he went off to London, to play with various bands. After his return, he quickly became an established drummer in the Carinthian music scene (check out majazztic sounds unlimited)!

I am happy to have him in Galvin's Garden for many reasons, but one of them is that he is the one drummer that makes the drums fit the song, and not the other way round.

Jo Matti.jpeg

Jo Matti

Guitar, Bass, Steel-Guitar, Vocals

Jo is the quiet guy that always carries at least three guitars with him. I don't think there's anything with strings and pick-ups that he cannot play beautifully and expressively. Oh, and he sings that way, too. 

I'm happy to have him in Galvin's Garden because he is endlessly patient with my changing demands of him on bass, guitar and vocals!


Stefan Vallant

Stand-Up Bass

From the first note he plucked with Galvin's Garden, Stefan has become an integral and very distinct part of our sound. I love all things bass, so having a professional stand-up bass in our line-up is right down my alley.


Doris Neureiter

Vocals, Percussion

Doris is an experienced soprano who has sung in numerous choirs and ensembles, with her repertoire stretching from pop and musical to sacral music. I am forever grateful she is lending her voice to my songs!


Eva Maria Gönitzer

Vocals, Percussion

Eva is a dancer by profession and graduate from Bruckner University in Linz, and the Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama, in Hamburg. I love her enthusiasm and spirit, and of course, her voice.


visual artists I cooperate with

Galvin's Garden would not be where it is if not for the continuous support from these artists:


Alexander Engel

Painter, calligraphist, creator and Illustrator

Alexanders paintings should hang in a fancy art gallery and you should have to pay loads of money to go see them. They are that good. Instead, because Alexander is a truly generous soul, many of them hang in my house right now, for free, and are a constant source of inspiration. 

He is an astonishingly skilled visual artist that has created the looks and logos of various businesses, watch out for the galvin's garden visuals he'll come up with. 

lisa online.jpg

Lisa Engel

Photographer, doll maker, creative artist

I can never thank Lisa enough for her beautiful pictures and constant support! If you see a lovely pic of me somewhere on the site, you can be 99% sure she took it. Lisa has studied photography in Vienna and worked in journalism, among other things, before discovering her passion, best described as "creature making". 

A true creative mind, be it with pictures, fabric or words, you should absolutely check out her blog at lisaengel.at!